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The thoughts and sounds of you are endlessly seamless

My earthen banks collapsing against you the cutting river

Flowing slowly with tinkling sounds of ice cubes stirring bubbles

I cannot quit myself thinking of you even though ahead I see your falls

And as you flow by my shores I crumble and collapse into you without struggle

I know good and well rivers run but one way, away with forks that cut like knives

I can’t help myself frozen; I gaze at your sparkling skin, caught staring I cannot blink

The glimmerings of reflection of the sun on your watery skin also cause me to think

You’re flowing away; towards a new sunrise, not giving thought to what’s left behind

Even as part of me has drown deep inside of you, I still see you under tin foil sunny skies

These particles of me flowing downstream toward the lakes where your love will reside

Wishing I was that body of water that kisses your open mouth, empting into still waters

Do you know that changing your direction takes parts of me; leaving most of me behind?

Me my arms so strong, I can hold all of you, but not strong enough to change your mind

I stay here and fear I must watch your flowing spray fly into my face again tomorrow

Taking little parts of me, cutting my shores, not caring, crumbling endlessly, seamlessly

Like a river running away from a setting sky