Since when did I become the fucking Grim Reaper?

Did I wish this on myself?

Is it payback? More likely Karma!

Following me reminding me of the mortality

I took for granted so easily.

Drawing me in making me participate

Listen to the screams of agony

The sweaty whispers pleading for death

And dare me to look away.

Challenge my spirit to not get entangled in the energy.

The dark before the light.

It's my punishment.

If I don't befriend death on a daily basis,

Be there to feel the dying,

Listen to the final requests,

Witness the fear and forgiveness,

I'm afraid it will seep under my front door.

It's already living inside me,

Waiting to make me surrender,

As it does to all of us.

Born to die.

Today, tomorrow... eventually.

So I must plunge into this black hole,

Remember to use everyday to do what I can,

For all those parting souls who must cross my path.

Because it seems everyone on it is leaving this world,

And am I to be appointed this position forever?


Just until I blink out too.