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Spate quickly Orpheus and oracles

Chaucer quick-witted wizards             

Your drop dead song and words

Empty in the mouth of buried time


Each of us share here and gone

Pre-occupied in Icelandic dreams,                    

Refugees from the great beyond                       

Cheating psalms with philosophy


Your learnt answers, keen and smart

Still fear the blindness in the dark,                     

And spray ye sparks to light last path

But light has fallen from this day at last.


Twice burned candles now light your way

This zest for Zion, maybe a tour de force

Yet daily sun, yearns to burn, most our days     

But, when darkness crawls, it chains remorse.


Justice knows to search our souls

Judgement made for brains and bones

Dirty days wash down hells drain

With dark red eyes, judge dark red stains.


Atheist are asked to raise their hand

In Jesus Christ, the rest to stand

Yet outstretched arms should rise to sky

Not a single one, it seems they lied.


The jaws of hell dogs smear their kill 

Atheists, seems not quite as clear

Standing by, those who cheer, asking forgiveness

They hearGod say, “no” to survival of deliverance.


The faith in you, in which you faithfully write

Takes no more faith, turning on this light,

Gambled away, from the knowledge tree

But when God does call, we’ll see you pee.