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Maiden love

Casting out dark chards of a broken heart

Pure heart falling off edges of stunning love

She flutters into the cold caves of clouds.

Loves scent gone!

Virgin walls fall calling out his name

No name returns. All alone tears salt her shame

And so night makes the move, cradling her hurt heart.

Here, in wet lies

Where sun plunges into cold shade,

Fog takes the blame for dying eyes

As fierce blue seas wash away his flame.

She stares at death herself, yet refrains

But, under his name love shall change,

Promised in vow she commands unfolding

Bone deep cuts must be repaid.

Never to stain her soul while breathing

Collating men who dare stare, with volcanic eyes,

Letting her skirt set sail, she scours and seizes seething

Even true men of true heart, in loves grieving, must cry.

Oh, glorious death of innocents worth saving, verily

Salted wounds from desperation sometimes cannot vie,

Thus revenge tower over power of omniscient

Unable to cleanse, she inseminates her virgin suicide.

Oh! Sweet revenge,

Infectious disease of innocent lovers

Black color in name, of ignominy

Refrain me she begs, refrain.