I spit out the ass tasting mouthwash
I look down purely out of habit
There is blood in the sink
My blood
This does not bode well for our hero
Is it the onset of gingivitis?
Is it a caffeine induced cavity?
Is it because I lied when I was 21? ?

I spit out more bodily fluid again
I look down with morbid fascination
There is yet more blood in the sink
Tastes like warm copper in honey
This dilemma is sponsored by stupidity
Is it something I ate last night?
Is it a stomach ulcer free styling?
Is it because I floss with barbwire?

I gargle mouthwash and spit with spite
I look down with impending dread
There is much less blood in the sink
The copper taste has now dissipated
This has been a test of You're Not
Indestructible, You idiot! System
If this is only a test, did I pass?
Is it something I did for a dare?
Is it something I should worry about?
Or is it something quickly forgotten?