You know that you’re 

sweeter than honey
And I’m tickled you’d 

give me the time
But there’s something 

that you ought to know dear
The heart that you’re 

chasing ain’t mine

It belongs to 

another old lady
And though she’s given 

me my share of pain
That ain’t no excuse 

for me to cut loose
Cause I’m in love with 

the old ball and chain

It’s not common to 

stick by one woman
It’s so easy to 

get led astray
And though you 

sure are cute
I just don’t give a hoot
I’m thinkin’ I know 

where I’ll stay

No one looks at me 

sweeter than she does
Or is as proud to 

have taken my name
She can get me annoyed
But I just can’t avoid
My love for the 

old ball and chain

I know that she ain’t 

much to look at
But I tell ya hun, 

neither am I
So if it’s all the same
I’ll repeat my refrain
I’m in love with the 

old ball and chain

It’s best I be getting 

on home now
Cause I know what’s 

waiting me there
You might offer a thrill
But I can sure wait until
I’m nestled in 

her loving care

Now I hope you don’t 

take this the wrong way
But this ain’t the right 

track for your train
Your attentions may flatter
But it just doesn’t matter
I’m in love with the 

old ball and chain

There’s just no forgettin’
I’m so thoroughly smitten
By my love for the 

old ball and chain