Must you make my bones smoke
     arranged upon your altar
     my consuming misery
     our only communion?
You tear at me even now
     Since my beginning
     your attempted murder
     was the only true abortion.
And yet I exist for you The Sadist
     to pursue and pulverize my hopes,
     to punish my dreams.
My family you slay by my side,
     that I should see and repent
     for no sin of mine.
With desperate rage you strike me down
     seeking to squeeze some worship
     or grind some devotion.
But I reject your authority
     and with final forced exhalations
     I will spit the words, curse you!
So render my fat, flay my skin,
     slit my throat, and burn my body.
Take your sacrifice,
                         by force.
But I will give my only gift,
     a poem, perfectly wrapped
     with the dead skin of faith:

Tonight's Moon

"Full but low in the sky
Swaddled by the Lord's gauze,
Who but mankind could deny
Or charge Him without cause?
Now in peace I can die
And twice see God's face-
               in the sky."
I once loved you
But you hated me-
So in silence I await
     your final assault.