through a crack in the ceiling
it poured onto the bed.
like a stream that flows from
an open vein it shot you in the head.
   you lay naked bold
open to the possibilities
your womanhood exposed
   bare. raw.
alive with anticipation.
caution from distrust.
your shield on the

which later you'd employ.
your sword hanging on the wall
which later you'd swing.


and i-i the begger, i
the pauper in rags
   with the soul of a clown
whom never knew when to walk off stage.
i wallowed in the loneliness, the self-deceit,
trapped in a body left wilting on the vine.
   it couldn't be helped.
i was torn at the sides
like a book who's pages
are hardly worth reading.

we went down deep
and came out the other side.
your aching lips pressed longingly
to mine, your love given without remorse.
   limb to limb. flesh to flesh. nothing
remained. nothing survived.
   we watched the movie screen with
bated breath, hands clasped in fierce
"we will not fall. we will not fall,"
we cried out, a mantra lost to the
perpetrator of circumstance.
   it couldn't be helped.
softness gave way to murder.
laughter to headless corpses.
you were the spider that caught the fly,
i the poisoned fly you swallowed.