originally published 2010


Escaping to the nearby lake the lovers drove their cars

Through winding road to waters edge they broke the

Mid week silence with vigorous impatient slams of

Their respective car doors stepping quickly to the

Days first embrace like summer campers on break


Trees hugged the shore leaning in towards the coolness

Like summer boys whose fathers hold by swim trunks' waist

And lean in towards a dive, the trees were even hot today

Summer sweat trickling tickling heated flesh and cheek

Work clothes shed and freedom fed to water both ran

Swimming out just far enough where toes feel cool

While chest and arms stay warm from sun heated surface

Paddling floating cool embrace each head swaying

With vigorous intent to stay afloat a kiss wet and damp

and giggles and laughs reverberating against the watching pines

All to them the natural solitude a gift for both to unwrap

Like their arms unraveled to the toil of swim towards shore

And a fluffy blanket spread across soft sand to meet their

Drenched bodies intertwined in blessed scent of longing

A rangers eye perhaps to voyeur intimate embrace

And always quick as if each moment is something stolen

The trees turn towards the water again and expand to offer

Their shade and privacy, protecting what they've watched

For so long so many these bipeds who play among their

Branches rising to meet the fiery sun now falling

And so ignitions turning cars quickly rolling off to meet

The expectations of the remaining day and leaving the

Trees to coyly wonder if they had limbs so brisk

Would they be free to test the taste of loins turning

But first a dip into the depth a branch falls and splashes