That night their dreams were sensuous as her boyfriend sleepily massaged her chest thighs and buttocks. Being both naked except for their underwear they were "spooning " and she could feel his hardened member against her ass while they were so positioned. His unconscious imagination conjured untoward affairs with anonymous women who themselves excelled in sexual power and heat.

While he folded his arms around her and enclosed her from behind like a candy wrapper, she groaned and rubbed her own clit. Her moans aroused his desire further, so that he lost no time and slowly pumped his thighs against her backside and lower back, mimicking full-on intercourse.

Their semiconscious state layered their senses with softness and delicacy while lowering their inhibitions. They smelled each other as animals do, detecting each others unique skin oils and scents that only hours of sleep can bathe them in. Not only were they in pure human form, but they lusted after each other.

No longer able to withstand the aching desire to have his woman, he awakened first. Without hesitation, he pulled her panties down far enough to allow access and as he began to insert himself slowly from behind, he could detect that her pussy was wet with anticipation. She awoke with a deep and enraptured gasp as he plumbed her depths.

Both of them were so well primed that he could thrust for only a few minutes before he exploded like a bombshell inside her. She was not disappointed as she had continued to manipulate her clit until she too reached the heights of an orgasmic surge.

They immediately tumbled back into their previous states of sleep, satisfied and hungry no more. He still lay inside her as his arm held her close and she held his hand.


The next morning she awoke first and getting up, she went to the bathroom. Learning about her early morning encounter from her boyfriend's cum, she smiled inside herself, completely satisfied with her lover.

He was also completely satisfied with his imagined lover, a sexy vixen that he had met in a nightclub and had animalistic, anonymous sex with.

She returned to bed, gently arousing him from his sleep and tenderly kissing his cheek.

"You were great last night," she whispered.

Hearing a familiar voice, his eyes shot open with astonishment.