MUCH INK HAS been spilled of late over the supposedly forged birth certificate of the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama.  The reasoning goes thus:  Mr. Obama was not actually born in Hawaii as he claims but in some other country.  Consequently he is not a natural-born citizen (as the constitution requires) and cannot therefore hold the office.

While I personally put stock in this theory, it is my belief that another far more damning indictment of Mr. Obama has been neglected by the media.  This story, if proved true, has the potential to rock the administration to its foundation and render all of the other lies and misdeeds of the Obama administration meaningless.

A report has surfaced and been brought to my attention (and been verified by no less than two sources), that the current administration has approved of and begun execution of a top-secret pilot program to spy on American citizens.  The consequences of allowing such a frightening venture to proceed could be disastrous to our cherished freedoms.

The details are sketchy but this much is known:  the effort is being tested in Los Angeles and it involves stray cats.  Thousands of stray cats are euthanized every year in Los Angeles County and the opportunist President and his staff have seen potential in this hitherto wasted resource.  Under the auspices of medical research, hundreds of these helpless victims have been carried off never to be seen again.  But rather than have shampoo shot into their eyes or their nerve chords severed to test new lifesaving techniques, they’re taken to a covert facility for intensive training.

So then this is the truly disturbing part of this process:  these cats are being trained by the military to spy on detractors of President Obama.  Tiny cameras have been implanted in their skulls and microchips implanted elsewhere on their little bodies to store the recordings.  The felines have been drilled in the latest techniques of espionage and are being given daily marching orders from the President’s office.  It is rumored that an elite corps of these spies are being trained into some sort of police force should martial law become necessary.  There is even talk that a few having been seen serving the Obamas their evening tea in the White House.

Upon doing some preliminary investigations, our Los Angeles reporter Jim Slade was able to contact the General Manager of Animal Services at the Los Angeles Animal Services.  When asked about this secretive effort, Mrs. Darlene Baker said, “What?”

How damning is that?  Talk about a smoking gun!  Just remember, where there’s smoke, there’s fire!?