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T.C. Sinclair
Just shy of Eden in mountains of green and forests of sun as the river slowly flows ever by.
An artist, writer, and farmer aspiring to be a slightly more successful artist, writer, and farmer.***NOTE FROM ADMIN: Theresa Sinclair's poem "The Lightning" has been published in the Sept. 15 - Oct. 15 2010 print edition of Hennen's Observer.***

The dance of falling treesCommunity Poetry07/17/13 13:34
The forest laughs.Community Poetry11/01/12 11:46
SquirrelCommunity Poetry11/01/12 11:44
The work of weeding.Community Poetry07/05/12 20:47
The stillCommunity Poetry06/05/12 14:14
Ursa RisingCommunity Poetry09/28/11 1:52
Temptation of the WildCommunity Poetry09/22/11 2:00
Trimester OnePublished & Contest Winning Poems07/30/11 15:53
Sweet Secrets Community Poetry06/09/11 1:54
Spring Storms, CorvidaeCommunity Poetry05/31/11 1:17
Three Haikus of MayCommunity Poetry05/19/11 3:15
TillagePublished & Contest Winning Poems05/11/11 9:23
Red OsierCommunity Poetry04/14/11 8:15
A Falling of Snow (revised)Community Prose04/05/11 6:32
bbcCommunity Poetry03/16/11 8:21
des Belles Mots of Spring Community Poetry03/16/11 7:58
Harvest MoonCommunity Poetry10/29/10 6:02
Pastoral Symphony, AutumnalCommunity Poetry10/04/10 9:47
The Culls, a Tale of Terror Over EasyCommunity Prose10/04/10 9:38
Heron’s FireCommunity Poetry09/06/10 6:17
Three Haikus of FallCommunity Poetry09/06/10 3:12
OutsideCommunity Poetry08/31/10 2:50
BrokeCommunity Prose07/28/10 4:18
One glowing day late summer, many years ago.Community Poetry07/17/10 8:05
Summer SolsticeCommunity Poetry07/14/10 3:38
LostCommunity Poetry07/14/10 3:36
The LightningPublished & Contest Winning Poems07/13/10 7:41
MercyCommunity Prose06/15/10 5:05
Death and MilkCommunity Prose06/14/10 5:13
GlowCommunity Prose06/14/10 4:29
The Emptiness Of BreadCommunity Prose06/14/10 4:20
The Holiness Of It All AscendingCommunity Prose06/13/10 8:44