They were bold and they wrote and they ate sheep but not goats,
And they lived and they laughed,
And they kicked evils ass!

They were strong,
They were brave,
They weren't anyone's slave,
And they are who I'm made from!

Blood so very rich,
That royalty is their niche,
Commanders of Godly armies,
And fighters of Jesus Christ!

A family tartan of distinct character,
Valor, music and arms!
A force to be reckoned with,
A bloodline of honor.

I am a Buchanan!
I bleed light.
I am brave.
And I fight the good, good fight 😇

Chosen for redemption,
A puddle of collected lives,
A restoration of MY people,
A God filled family and life.

The remnant of dispersion,
The lost 100th sheep,
Chased by the soldiers of Heaven,
No wonder they never ceased...

A testimony, so very wild...
Truth and faith and LOVE,
An authored life, I get to live,
Penned by the master poet, God Himself, from up above,

I am Teresa.

I am brave.

I am God's child.

And I've got lots of souls, to help save ☺️ 

A pool of lost connection,
Buried deep in my DNA,
No more being sorry,
Honor from now, until the grave...

Thank you Jesus Christ,
Thank you broken fam...
I love you for forever,
Again, again and again.

An ancient war cry, that belongs to me and mine.

Dedicated to my ancestors who always loved Jesus and have supported me in finding my true voice. Words, poetry and truth are embedded in my bones... The Buchanan Clan of ancient Scotland, is amazing, and I am one of them! The oldest, the best and the bravest... and soon? The redeemed, grounded and Godly warriors, we were always meant to be!!!
TY Heaven, call anytime, T

4 million deep world wide... Crazy, lol.

Just one of many examples of my kin: