Mother was red, Father was green,
Brother was the big bright light, that filled in between,

She was the spectrum, of various degrees,
This hue or that, but never quite free,
Slightly warm, Super cold,
Not quite bright enough,
Never completely her own.
Always searching for love,
Was it this that was true?
That loves truest hue,
Is so selfless,
It cannot be possessed...
Little Sister alone,
Little Sister and Daughter,
Forgotten in time,
Blemished at slaughter,
Would she find her own place?
In the meaning of love?
Or was her blessing her curse?
A command from above...
To adapt and accommodate,
To be whatever was needed,
To not be her own,
Her desire unheeded,
A servant of all,
A slave to great service,
The redemption of "She",
The forgiveness of burden,
In the end, such an honor,
In the end, the example,
The kind of compassion,
That would change the whole outcome.