The looking Glass and the broken window...
Both reflections sites unseen what shows what is hidden I am somewhere in between.
 Yes we share a face and a heart these are one of the same but we each are different twins called by the same name.
Two sides of one whole you may only see one distinctly differing masks we use for a world unforgiving it's here we plot and we wait to one day break free.
Our Hope as we go and flutter about is no matter our mask out there in the world we will find souls kindred spirits blessed with eyes so unique their sight is specific rare and sharply Keen.
For they are ones worthy they understand and they're brave recognizing them instantly connected we share and live the same dream.
Perceptions you have far too narrowed missing one peace of the picture with your lack of depth you only ever see one side you will never know what I mean.
 one face in the looking Glass the one that looks out trapped inside and the other opposite that looking into a broken window that's where our strength is for we are a team.
Original works Nicole
The looking Glass and the broken window...