How confronting love is

Tormenting in it's insistence

That I am deserving

Undoing my assiduous efforts

Upturning my best laid bricks

Roving over my shadows

That warm and persistent light

If love was not ardent and enduring

If not for it's refuge, I dare trust

I would set it ablaze and all of it's promises

How dare love seek me out of ordinary comforts

Draw up the rages and riots of childhood

Leave me contused by confounding desires

To dredge through stories stifled seeking solace

Or cease to speak, humble love's temerity


I thought if I laid my truth and tragedies 

Enshrined at love's feet, love would simply depart

Honor my desires and vindicate it's transience

But love remains, fortified by my fallibility 

So I do not venture far, temper my needs

If I unravel in love's hands, I suture my wounds swiftly

To preempt the reasons love may leave

If I can stand with love in spite of myself

Share in the burden of bearing me

Maybe love will stay a little longer


Then, when the opposing forces of life pull us apart

I lean into the quiet, ready myself

In case this time, love has finally left

This is how I have known love to be

Temperamental and conditional 

Enrapturing in it's presence

Vanishing when besieged

By expectations of permanence