We play, we stray, Life, many a doorway all areas gray, a mystical array. Along the way.

Along the way to destiny, we travel night and day. Sometimes predator, sometimes prey,
Life's a game? Is what they say. Why on the real I must appeal, everyday a new deal at
times hard as steel.  Though sadly the case an occasional false face. Beware the coup de 
grace. Haters, trying to knock you out of the race.

Just check out Sal, loved kickin it with his best pal Hal, till he met his gal Val, nearly, lost
all rational. He kept a cool head, prayed instead, what came to light, he'd grossly misread.
An enlistee on an odyssey although, very hard to perceive alternate realities, Believe.

many a tempting temptation, unnecessary complications. While walking many aisles
compiled by trails that are very worthwhile. There is no doubt, whatever your rout you'll go
bout after bout. Tall tales tattled; nerves definitely rattled by the prattle. Living life right, is a
straight uphill battle.

Even though, you'll get floored as destiny you walk toward, if you don't jump ship, stay on 
board. Great, will be your reward. You see, the scheme of things, like a mean dream, even
extreme are seldom what they seem. So mind the intrusion of delusion the bringer of false
conclusion, Mas Confusion.

Now what's really real, life's making you squirm, making you squeal, mind soul and body
needs to be healed? Give God the wheel. Then cut the jiving and conniving. Absolutely
No Back Seat Driving.

As along the way to destiny we travel night and day. Sometimes predator, sometimes prey.
Life's a game. The Heck They Say.