Nimble and daft with rhetoric mesmerizing the awed populace
With ecclesiastical jargons full of white noise coupled with a plethora
Of promises yet the myriad hard drones in groves still queue in meanderingĀ 
Lines grovelling the hegemony to alleviate their plight and forgo greed.
We have seen the grotesque pilfering of public coffers with impunity,
We have witnessed the amoral plundering of the fiscal which is deplorable;
The looting of taxes persists while the sordid culprits play hide-and-seek
With the bar impugning the dignity of our sovereign country with their misdeeds.
Protuberance of deceit is the seed that murks the heart with misdemeanor
Elusive moral rectitude is the benign etiquette vacant in their paltry faculty
Profuse entitlement is the feeble feeling of the Old Guard which is the root
Of all this aberrant siphoning regressing us and I implore the pundits to alter.
Today we coronate the sixth president of our convivialĀ  republic dawning
A new morrow promissory with the prospect of heralding a new leaf;
The obnoxious head of corruption shall be decapitated with his crowning,
The rotten lot shall be circumvented and left bedraggled with facing the music