Stoicism bashed harbours gash anew  like a gorge in summer;
Each rivulet deferred dream rising from the abyss full of lithe,
Each creek a panting essay nestled with sleuthly thorns seeking
To derail my pursuit of opulence yet I`m codeaine to that puny aversity.
A prodigy endowned with ingenuity once soared with impertinent carefree,
Content dwelled in the roots of my heart brim with innocence
Akin to iniquity nor all that mires the soul with disdain.
Naivete sense kept me away from the riffraff and their pernicious
Proclivities of imbibing,thievery,drug use and the foolhardy smoking,
Yet the wolf clawed it`s paws into our sanctuary renderring us paupers
Downrightly subjugating our lives into mere mundane existence.
The ignominy of Gramps passing unilaterally divided the family,
Granny succumbed to cerebral palsy after a long tumultuous sufferance,
A pathetic arsonist ailed dad consequentially causing him to lose his job;
These grim watershed moments unravelled the thread that held us as one,
The silver lining was nowhere to be seen to dispel this misery.