First thing in the morn, blow your horn giving thanks for another Blessed day, then smile and be on your way. Ask for guidance if your skies are gray and be a blessing for someone in dismay.

Because sad is bad but if you let it get you down you've been had. It's all up to you, so don't let the sad choose or you loose and if things are not clear, let The Lord steer you'll be filled with cheer.

Then do something good like volunteer. You might even work up a blister but it's well worth helping your sister. It could also be a bit painful however you could be helping an Angle who's undercover posing as your brother.

Now we all need help as quietly as it's kept, once we accept we can keep from becoming inept. After you've completed your quest then, you can stand tall, stick out your chest, you know you've done your best. You 've been truly blessed.

And that will give you leeway to look to the sky and say, Hey, The Making Of A Good Day...