I know the demons
who lurk inside 
You kick and scream 
yet they won’t subside 
They are not just in your mind 
They crawl into your every cell
that they can find 
It starts with a vision of a thought 
From whence it came
you will forever know not 
Then follows the innocent fear 
The trembles and pouring
of many a tear 
The pain in your gut as your body curls
into the position of your birth 
Renders you immobile
as if glued to the earth 
These monsters fill you with guilt 
Though it is irrational 
you wither and wilt 
Your body shrinks
as your heart sinks 
Hell opens up to you 
You feel its heat 
as your spirit falls through 
Those you love try to pull you from the fire 
Some accuse you 
calling you a liar 
They do not understand
that your heartache is real 
They tell you to think about
how you are making them feel 
There exists no switch 
of which 
you can just turn them on and off 
You’re simply riding the waves made
when those demons scoff 
If they laugh
then so should you 
This eventually
is what you learn how to do 
They will get bored
and the winds will be calm 
Only every now and then 
will they bring you a qualm 
They will always be there
as they were from your start 
They simply had to act
before you got too smart 
But once you know
they do not own your soul 
Your heart and mind
will begin to feel whole 
Shadows cannot exist
if there is no light 
So remember
they are yours to rule
with your gift so bright 
Be at peace
for you are good 
The life you deserve
is unfolding as it should