The Bane of Memories that create walls encamping our life's tinted light of the mind.

Unhappiness that isolates entangles like a storm without a shelter 

Memories of yesterday holding keeping from our Tommorows
becoming fixed to emotions of our, destination a chained melody without words that grip the spirit 

Sorrows of the losses, loves friendships bringing a sting in death with our sport lost to a dying world 

I pray heavenly father which are in heaven hear my plea bring back life renewed, only burying yesterday's pain 
That I may Smile once again living to walk down your isles of bliss. Dancing in the new wine of your Spirit

Open the gates of  joy that it may overflow  upon me 
So ashamed with embarrassment of what has passed us by 

The way of  escape in the moment of now within your presence of new day 

Yesterday gone Tommorw  hasn't begun 
Create in me a clean heart and renew right spirit within me 

Where Freedom is rekindled surrendering to the presence of awareness of overflowing life 

The key is in your hand the day is your presence that unlocks the door if captive memories shared 

The imprisoned Mind.