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And green the way lush holds the moss

Against the weary soil unintended

Lowering darkness swallows me down

Where man goes to die

Gravely descending foot upon the other

From common sense of light

A decent of man from god

The cave is in awe

Of me, its dinner



Spark the steel part of foot

Hand claws on rock and spine

And time prevents

The seconds from leaking

Stilled in the cold vapors of breath

I digress down

Into echoing sound

Thunderous bumps are pounding

Of this the foreboding heart


The brain strains for relief

But against the grief

It finds no solace

Wet of cliff side

Highly polished

It abolishes

The crawl down

Down into no sound

Below the man of ground


What lonely curse have I instructed?

What regret has my stomach digested?

What soil, soils below my britches?

Why this cave so cold must swallow?

And why my pit and cave pit

Both so hollow

That stillness waits

That hungry cave shall eat today

Of bread and bones, and clay


Wait! What of this turquoise

The white of sweet gentle falls

And the call of something wild

The scent where no man has a wall

Cold exchanged for glitter

Gold for descending eyes

And I thank the highest heavens

From a earth drawn hole and center

For one more good day to climb