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To:  My Constellation and Wife, Constance.


You ruined Paris with your pretty avant-garde

The Eifel Tower slouches in true loves regard

A beauty so rare men and women both stare

Into your hope blue diamond eyes

Hoping to find, a love that’s as rare


You ruined Paris

With your American beauty

Now all is just steel and stone

Long walks on Longstreet, all alone


Stacked up steel once held up the Eifel Tower

Slabs of stone once walked the Champs Elysees

American minutes slowly turn into Parishen hours

Springtime without blonde hair in flowers

No longer interest me


French showers fall on our little private streets

They miss dancing with your pretty little pink feet

Perhaps it’s really the pain not the French rain

That causes little private streets to weep


Singing with Cleopatra, Aphrodite and Venus

Your song in my heart is the symphony of zenith

If the Taj Mahal falls they’ll have you to blame

Listen closely to Niagara Falls it pours out your name


Four men of Rushmore would blush if you walked by

You’re the reason tears of Ala must forever and ever cry

Seasons fight each other their only reason to survive

With a dip in your bikini all worldly seas began to rise


The tower of pizza will no longer lean the same

He falls even further each day he hears your name

Even time must lingers on watching you come and go

Ice caps disappear when your lips touched their snow


I know I am not worthy to whisper in blonde nightly ears

But I will break my back and stack my hearts facts quite clear

Loving from you is the reason the earth dizzily spins around

You’re the reason my feet can no longer find the ground


You’re the only Paris place where love’s meets the avenue

Come back Connie, Paris will always forgive beautiful you