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Firm his stance upon the deck

Anchored in his thoughts of home

A mothers love a noose about his neck

Came her Divine before his coming home

Sea hides his lies of tears for her there all alone

Aye this son of blood and sea that of emerald green

An Irish son salting his bounty home in a cold Irish Sea

Aye laddy his father would say, here is love, look at her way

A soft lassie in a potato field a corker with real hands a love so real

A lassie indeed with class sent above, smothering of love for both of us

I tell you lad surely heaven is green, a more beautiful thing I’ve never seen

Aye Father she is surely the land, as you and I are waves upon the greenest seas

But blood on the bow from silver fish land cut so proud this Irish Sea man

Could not make it cross sea to land on his mothers last collecting of sand

Never again to feel a pound of pride as the deck slips down his side

A son in love that lived in pride a seedling failing against the tide

Pain of heart so great this sin he splits the bow with his ax fin

Irish Sea gushing in claims his name and chains his heart

Waves clap devotion uncovering the saddest emotion

The father on learning the fate of mother and son

Tis said he took his ax and cut down the sun

Tis is the reason Ireland lye’s in rain

Too much of love was left in pain