I know
these train tracks will lead me to you
past a billion rocks and leaves
a hundred thousand faces and trees
all these things in between
I know
it's not so far to where you are
to your "sky's the limit" blue eyes
I rise up we soar
touching sun rays in your mild wide grin
gravity pulls our fingers together
conversation and laughing jumps runs skips
rest, peacefully, sweetly
I know
that when I am surrounded by all you are
the universe is more hopeful
each step down a new street
lights up the town
energy courses through the earth
I know
when we are together
the clouds open up
along with flower buds and possibilities
we'll cross miles in order to leave
no inches between our fragile frames
and watch northern lights streak brilliantly
across the southern sky
we see east meeting west
from this great view at the top of the world