In his head one can hear:
"Me! Me! Me!"
Alternates need never apply
His identity is important--though vastly impertinent--
Superior to the inferiors that flock to worship him as
He gazes into the pool
Admiring his own reflection whilst
calling to his followers--who he pities
for their ugliness--he alone he thinks wisest
On the sidewalk, one can hear
Boisterous laughter erupting from within
No woman is beyond his grasp
Even an untouchable he clasps
with an iron grip,
just for the fun of it
as Narcissus's spirit possesses him
In his head one can hear:
"I! I! I!"
He is the New Age Casanova
Wannabe's--no match for him
In skinny jeans, neon colors, and sunglasses
He adorns himself with labeled brands
Never forgetting
the shadows that follow him everywhere
He too marvels at his own reflection like they
Beckoning the concubines
to kneel at his feet...but to never dare touch his face
For he is priceless and pristine,
unlike they
In his head one can hear:
"More! More! More!"
The Giant Baby disguised as man
with an eternal silver spoon in his mouth
Taking everything and everyone for granted
Nothing is temporary or above him
For he regards everything as below him
All is his alone to conquer
But he does not see the truth as Nemesis
His intellect: feeble
His ideas: fugacious
His heart: entirely selfish, non-existent
He thinks: "If time is money than mine is most valuable"
 And yours--
Worthless and Barren
He thinks: "Caring is for fools (secretly) and I shall never
care for anyone else"
Thus he only cares for himself, as he is:
Narcissus Ascending
Only in his delusions of grandeur doth he dwell
Forever frozen in time and space--
Dormant, dead, asleep deep within--
In his soul one can hear,
Echo in the distance:
"Narcissus Ascending!"