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A simple arm drifting in the wind across the back of your sorrow

I told you how love can get buried deep into the bone and marrow

Seven lines four times for the twenty eight days of love

Pushing umbrellas of light stopping the rain from falling above

Smiling as she pulls you into her shine closer and closer to your calling

That momentary stare proving she cares and then you feel it!

Your friend and sun are rising


This morning you spilled virgin vinegar into her ears

That look of dismay on her face from your voice she hears

She binds you with soft hands on your mouth and chin

Pounding down all the ground around your feet

Preventing the stumbling against this one true friend

She causes a tear to seep down and loosen your grin

Pulling on a hug she hears I love you in your whisperin’


What has this privilege done to find myself here wondering?

This possibility that I deserve her soft swan song lingering

In the darkest of days swooping down like a light from a broken cloud

Fingers touching my hot jeweled words knowing she handmade the crown

 There’s no masquerading when hearts of love become tied and bound

A simple stare will take care of simple songs life is singing

My only hope is that I can bring as much as she is giving


 Lost time chased away the warm glow of her candle light

On loves flagship a friendship floats out to sea and out of site

In white salty lace she comes to rest her host is now the night

I stand on the cold shores wearing her very best dress

Waving good bye to the sun’s death in my friend and in my chest  

Waiting for her sunset to invite mine in

You and I for all eternity, always the best of friends