The weather is getting colder

As the rain is falling down

And I can the destruction coming

Although I cannot turn around

For I am paralyzed my legs like

Battered roots stuck in the ground.


I  can hear the thunder roar

And the lightning blinds my eyes

I can since the monster coming

Although I dare not close my eyes

The lightning strikes and the rain assaults

But I do not blame the storm

For it is monsters fault.


Again and again She attacks me

Leaving nothing to defend

And my body is thrown to the

 Ground once again

The next I hear is silence for

Nothing makes a sound

And I begin to feel the

Warmth and power

Flowing from the ground.


I reach down deep

finding the strength to

Struggle to my feet

As I notice the rain washing

Mud and blood from me


The ground is getting warmer

And  my skin begins to glow

And I can feel this unknown

 Strength coming from my soul.

Could it be Mother Earth

trying to make this broken

heart again feel whole.

As I breath in deep and clear my mind

I  find confidence

I didn’t think I could find.


I never knew how much

I wanted To be alive

 Until I was struggling to survive


As I turn to face the monster,

Who’s been around for years

I pull the strength I

Found so very near and

 I notice why I’m feeling so much fear. 


I can see my childhood reflection as if

It were a holographic projection

Always trying to reach

Perfect perfection

Not understanding

That perfection can

Become an Obsession.