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For this the greatest love I must suffer.


This light that warms never withers

Most days God sun greets her face

Day to day she precede my sun

I do so sigh, in the wait of her.


Worn out thoughts at best

Tenderly tugging on these lingering,

But sun dials dwell, in thickened paste

When she arrives complete in barking abbey

As I present freely my love, with finger rings.


Enduring love, preaches long in patience

“Wearing the breastplate of righteousness”

I await spellbound in sleepless conviction,

And imagine her heart pounding steps to me.


How love stretches out these tomorrows

I await, I must, endure for this habit of love

Her fragrance and hair, hidden of desire and fire,

With innocent lips, I’m bound to her sacred ground.


There, shinning over Venus’s crown

She steps down to greet me with kisses,

Arching her spine raises flesh ecstasy

While I do splash clean her feet.


But wait, tis a fever from love I consume

Images dancing from warm longing wings,

I believed in caressing loves lust, too soon

I await; I must, until snow sparrows sing.


She spreads red on winter floor

My breath not much longer can hold,

Her images, stay clear, is she here?

She loved herself on me once, saying so

Long ago, I cuddle at her abbess feet.


My fatal love, forever in her skin, must remain

As death now calls, my love has never withered

So on loves flight, I fly toward wifeless seas

In the house of light, hands clinched with eternity.