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To my son I do bequeath

The planet earth and all he seeks

The sun, sky, all the stars, yes even rain

All my memories and the knowledge I’ve obtained.

A trillion to one, this king of diamond

My son, who I dearly love, roared in like a lion

To a place where hope, chance, and destiny wears a crown

Learn to grow with these things as if they were common

For within them my son, there is a victory to be found

Hope is not a wish, but rather the hammer you will need

Chance is not luck, but is created from the willingness to succeed

Destiny is not an omen, but rather built on the blocks of your deeds

Don’t take anything for granted, but be sure to take what you need.

Then learn how to dance when the music runs dry

Shuffle your feet while the world just stands by

Don’t dwell on the reason, if the sun flies from your sky

You’ll still have the seasons, and the moon to light up your eyes

Learn that time is a weapon to be shaped or to bend

Using it wisely can turn enemies into friends

Others you meet may have clouds in their eyes

Be sympathetic, but don’t drown in their cries

Sight gives you vision, and so will your heart

Be gentle and kind, except when you need to be smart

Show only the fingers, never show your hand

Teach the wolves to fear you, choose to be the Sheppard

Never choose to be the lamb

Love is a lesson that you will never degree

The agreement between man and women

Is like the shore and the sea

Because they need each other in order to exist

The difference between them, is what feeds them

And makes it impossible to resist

Don’t ever be tempted by greed or desire

For these are the seeds of evil and fire

They appear as easy as they deceive

Like the high cost of need, which appears to be free

Never draw your conclusions, from illusions, that will never be

Use the past to see the future, this is our world reality

You’ll make mistakes that aren’t taught in school

Learning these lessons will keep you from being the fool

As you come to those final days

When sweet smelling flowers turn into sage

When once clear blue skies begin to decay

All of your friends have been planted away

This is the time; you knew you’d never win

But fight it for life, you did till the end

This is the time when hearts will break

The stars will fall, and the moon will shake

Then fight no more my son,

I’m proud of you and what you’ve become

Take your last breath and let it go slowly

God knows your heart, how much it’s holy

Think of your life

There’s no need to be sad

Come join with me my son

In Memoriam: You’re Loving Dad.