She wore her age like a burden.
Sagging shoulders and tired hands.
Lines etched the decades in a face that was once smooth and tan.
Eyes hollow she stands lethargic as her life slowly fades by.

Looking at her I knew this is where my destiny lies.
A world with no color void of all love and sound.
Soon I will be faced with the knowledge of all things
I have pushed has permanently fallen down.

All the tears that I hide will leak through hollow eyes
All the screams locked inside, will suffocate my soul dry.
Haunted I will be during my sleepless nights.

I stared at her forgotten life
She watched as I wasted mine.
Knowing inside, I can stop it.
Stopping herself from preaching it.

The ultimate stare down began
me, daring her to save me.
Her, praying I would understand. 

I watched her walk away
The weight of the world bearing down on her shoulders.
a lonely tear traced my face now smooth
but all too soon will be etched with the all-telling lines.