Good-Bye I love you so very well good-bye.

I rolled you out of flame then fired you into morning skies

You fell into this barren world by dawn you will have died

Too many poets amoung real few these salty words I vollie just for you

Float threw the air then fall to ground, filed away in literary lost and found.

On time winged charriots Andrew rode, with Mark and Cleo on his mind,

In life he dweeed, in death he rose, so very well he wrote, this poet hero of mine.

As I awoke to Dylan, glaring with the sun, I basked beneath his briar,

Foe so very well his wisdom spoke, while pouring song from bottled fire.

Just like Ducie left alone, on Decembers Ribbon Globe,

So very well I shall sail, into her setting sun,

To parts very well unknown, it best I sail there on my own,

To write my very well last poem.  Whaleswaves

Floating over morning waves, suckling at her salty skin

Sonnet whales of ancient age, slowly sinking where no man lives

Rolling waves gentle away, uncovering secret songs within

Liquid words that flow the same, in silence this poet cries

Divorced by fame, I've loved you all the same

So very well, good-bye.