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The night spoke these conversations higher than bed.
Drink tomorrow from the stars or sleep instead?
The morning prays to these gods for meaning at night.
Dream forever from the soul or sleep in the light?

Life caught you in the mist of a memory cloud.
Silence yesterday in now or freeze the rain that washed you out?
Time tickles age for questions answered in why.
Spin a million guesses, or indoctrinate a winning lie?

The fairy caught its tale chasing the girl who knocked that woman down.
Ride chutes to climb ladders, or plan mornings in an evening gown?
Love changes love for promises lost in translation.
Run another lap, or relax in expectation?

The day shouted this life louder than me.
Wake the moment newborn, or curse the blind to see?
Tides leave oysters for men who hit bottom in a boat.
Sink to live, or drown to float?