You say that I don’t love you

Cause I treat you so unkind

Then you hold up my behavior as your proof

Well let me tell you honey

I’d sure like to change your mind

Because nothing could be further from the truth

You say that I’m unfeeling

crude and unrefined

You tell me I’m coldhearted and aloof

You claim I left you hanging

And put you in a bind

Well honey, nothing could further from the truth

Sure, you might have a point

I’m a complicated man

There’s times I do things

even I don’t understand

It’s all become confusing

It’s nothing that I planned

It’s a shame how I let life get

so completely out of hand

Maybe I’m just weary

And too tired and so unnerved

Maybe I’ve grown too long in the tooth

To grant you the attention

You swear you deserve

Or maybe, nothing could be further from the truth