...Sewing needles will
thread in the dark lightning'll
be a stored source green
on the table no need for
stables old a collection

no need for savvy
or to ask a farmer's wife
does she sow parades
of air dancers kenny g
exiled and dogs named erskine

airwaves owned by the e
people, the true meaning of
steeple revealed, no
one leaves on a jet plane, no
need for blame, no laws-no law-

enforcementors, health
food deemed redundant, shelf-life
an oxymoron,
weather's for sailing, who is
ailing, harp seals pandas

potable water,
people needing people the
only people in  the Morlde`,
Barbra unexiled to real-ly sing happy days

are here, again, and
everyone's in a slow dance
expertly in charge
of the Love, every game ends
in a tie, all qualify!

                  (novus vetus universitas)