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she struck the root
  that sprung the tree
stabbed the heart
  to watch it bleed

its sap she drank
  in orgasmic greed
tapping the essence
  to build her strength

sunlight was denied
  as knowledge was forbidden
its branches forced to bow
  in total submission

love was the word d
  that spat from her tongue
tearing off with her claws
  the bark-shield it donned

the withered remains
  of no use to her now
save to continue to manipulate
  and her ego to masturbate

sleepy with contentment
  obese off its misery
she rested by a stream
  and surveyed her domain

when by accident it happened
  a ray of light touched down
upon a single leaf it poured
  feeding it truths once hidden

its essence expanded
  the sap freely circulated
the trunk grew skyward
  out of reach from her grip

its branches became lush
  as she began to shrivel
each new leaf and flower
  sustaining its budding power

the hungry roots devoured
  bursting through her bones
consuming her bit by bit
  frenzied by each pint of blood

through her flesh sprang children
  nurtured on a dead tyrant
her corpse lay rotting
  the tree looked down smiling

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