Becoming my enemy
     how you change unwittingly!
Sowing your poisonous seed
     you sprout feelings strange in me:
     passion fevers anxiety.

Near your basket sweet flute-wind
     steals me out to lips so thin.
Losing nature's call to strike
     swaying locks of red excite.

Blue and beaming eyes your bait,
     yet hidden barbs seal my fate.
Hardly gasping on your line,
     quenching water let me find!

Albino leopard, freckle spots
     you've stalked your prey; now I'm caught.
Snapping twigs betrayed your game,
     "other vows cause virtue shame,"
     So say I, so mild and tame.

Do I know the art of war,
     to fight you, against and for?
Never will I flee your door!