originally published 2010


I wasn't really sure except for that.

The man was tall with short dark hair
I can't recall exactly how dark or how short
but he clasped the woman to him

She had longer hair and it was lighter than his
(Blond?  Red?  No I'm fairly sure I'd have remembered red.)
And I don't think

it was curly, but anyway
he was holding her, "clasped" I think is how I said it

Kind of a strong embrace, you know,
and her arms were wrapped around his neck
her face was pressed into his neck too
but not like she was hiding,
and she wore a sundress

(White with some little pattern on it,
I couldn't tell what it was
maybe flowers or strawberries
who knows?)  And she said something
that sounded like "yef, yef"

I'd say that it was probably "Yes, yes."
It could have been something else
"You left," or "Use less"
but guessing by the way her arms were around him

And the little box she was holding

(It was dark, I could tell that much, black
or else dark blue.
Do they even make them in green?  I've seen
red before, but anyway it's not that important.)
It was a little square box and it looked
I guess the word is "plush,"
you know, soft and fancy

Which is why I'd assumed she was saying "Yes, yes"
instead of anything else
but all I can tell you for sure

The one thing I'm absolutely certain about

Was the look on his face
when he realized I'd caught him staring
at my thighs

as I biked past them.