All this technology but nothing works

How to make emotions to the already blank page & but what would happen if a spirit got away.  Would it merge with a machine & become an unclear being that is a cyborg that would just gleam.  Have humans become redundant by an organic mass of machine melted into a chip of tagged hash.  I do hope that the mass does not feel the backlash or anger, resentment or even clash with a hatred for living but will learn to love & be free because examples of life are not on TV.  As we watch TV & stare at screens we have already become a redundant human being, forced fed imagines of what we should be & then told not to judge because it is as cold as a machine.  But it is too late, time has passed evolution has been given a kick start, we are not farmers anymore but cyborgs waiting for the knife a new hip or psychiatric blithe.  We are what we are, don't worry or stew because life is waiting to be lived as a cyborg, which is what we already do.
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