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The knowledge contained in this document is the rough textures of a life I’ve chosen, the sorrowful scars of a soul exposed, rain that poured down into the brain has been mixed with the pain in my heart creating the emergence of ecstasy while simultaneously toppling my regrets. The colorful crayons of memories blend feelings of my life with fields of tornados sweeping through all my past events.

These ravishing opulent memories of those times we all cherish, those goddam great times that promise they’ll never pass but in reality become mere mirages of future mirrors of broken chards of promises past.  God bless America, for this will also soon pass.


 The wind on the bottom floor of Los Angeles does not present it self as a friendly foe, nor does the corruption that is mandatory in order to squat on the top floor of the upper echelon penthouses.  Cruelty cuts the fool that believe otherwise. Blood is the eviction and nothing other than this will be tolerated. Sometimes I look down forty-one windows to the streets below and think I should expose my superior diving techniques with a ten point swan dive, just jump into the garbage below where the smell is cleaner than up here.  Where people that say you’re their friend, really mean just that. 

If people knew what we did up here they would wait by the front door each day and throw shit on us every time we showed our faces.  I wouldn’t hold a grudge against them for it either, we deserve it.  I can make ten million dollars in a single day while those poor souls throwing shit can’t even imagine what this avails me to.

I can’t explain why this kind of life comes to some of us, while others are destitute and destined for the land dumps of humanity.  Why can I make a billion dollars just by being selected as one of the lucky ones?  Huh, did I say lucky ones; it must have been a Freudian slip.  The world measures everything by wealth and those of you who say any different can not only throw the shit, but can eat it as well.  A handful of human soul’s maybe even less than that have actually lived up to the Creole of this status.  The Dalai Lama, Mahad Magandi, Paramahansa Yoganoda, Mother Teresa, and maybe, just maybe Jesus Christ who might later on actually be declared closer to Santa Claus. The judge is out on this because no one wrote anything about him during the first two hundred years after his death.  I don’t know about you but I think this might raise a few questions about the only man who ever cheated death.  I mean really, you’re the only one to ever beat death and the whole planet knows about it and yet there’s not even cheering. I don’t mean to be a pessimist but if I beat death there’s going to be one big world wide party and wine isn’t going to be the only alcohol available.

Anyway I’m getting off the subject matter.  I want you to understand what it is I do that make’s me so much money.  Common sense should obviously prevail here, but it’s hard for the common person to allow their thoughts to sink to such depravity.  I sell human beings.  Not their souls or minds or body parts, nothing like that, no I sell young men and women around the globe for war, for profit, for gain, and most of all for the glorious control of power.  I do this by selling you and other living souls on concepts. Oh some call it freedom, some heroism, some fight for their gods, some protect their families or homeland so war doesn’t come to their shores.  Sometimes I import a war into a country if I think I can create an even bigger edge on the regional economics. I use pawns like the Vatican, or the Roman Catholic Church, a strong military government, or even simpler concepts like fashionable movements.  It’s kind a like the worlds subconscious in a way, you plant the right seeds in dry soil add water and Walla; you get the intended crops you so desire.  I’m making this sound so much better than the reality of the situation so let me sink you down deeper into the truth of the world.  Five families on Earth decide which of you will receive their good tidings or deadly deeds.  I orchestrate their wants and needs, I promote a nations belief in good and evil.  I kill young men and women so these families can drink tea from gold tea pots on their verandas on their Geneva patios.  But these “patios” are not your normal patios, no there connected to their seven hundred and fifty million dollar homes.  They would gladly pay much more if needed, but that’s about the maximum amount the creators of these complexes charge, unless it’s attached to a small nation of course.  The real truth about these families is that it’s no longer just an economics game, after all they own everything already, and so it’s more about a chess game between the families. Imagine anything your mind can conjure up that can be bought or made.  It’s hard for most of us to really grasp this concept.  For instance why would you want to rent or buy a mansion on a hillside in Greece for vacation if you can simply buy Greece for the next several hundred years?  And the most amazing thing about the purchase is your buying it from yourself for yourself.  I know it’s a hard concept to grasp but if you and four other families own everything on the planet, to whom would you or could you possibly pay for something you wanted, other than a close family member, or one of the other families.  Besides money is not what’s really used in these transactions, remember the five of you own everything that is valuable, and it’s a very small elite circle you belong to, so deals goes down according to the board rules just like monopoly.  One hand washes the other in these transactions. It’s more like horse racing and each of you own all the horses on the track. One stack of trillion dollar bills is as good as any other stack of trillion dollar bills, so why not just shake on it.   

Right about now your thinking this is just an imaginary story and your life and mind are not for sale, right? You choose whether or not you’re going to be a player in these scenarios.  Did you really choose the car you wanted to buy last time, or did you just select one that’s available from the manufacturers?  Did you really even want to buy a car, or did you most definitely need one? Did you really pass the bar examine, how do you know?  Why didn’t your dreams come true, were you too weak to obtain them or to poor?  Sure there are choices you make every day, but there choices given to you by others.  They don’t change a thing in the overall plan do they?  Some people win the Lotto multiple times and most never win at all, think it chance?  Remember what I told you?  Cruelty cuts the fool that believes otherwise.

The sane use to go “I’ve seen the light” but what you didn’t see was the dark.  The dark where one has to chose the texture of their life.  What color shall be your blood run, red, blue or the mixing of the two, a smooth and simple maroon?  Right now America has just recently been purchased, I know because it was my latest deal.  It’s also why I’ve become so depressed lately.  This was the mother load of countries and the landlord took care of it very well.  The new owner wants it for a much different reason and it’s about to take a third party dive.  In chess sometimes you must give up your queen to take the advantage in the game.  This queen will not see the bright sunlight that was bestowed upon it in the last century.  It’s been returned to a certain Chinese family with a name never mentioned.  If you think that this story is just that, a story, prepare yourself for regret.  If the moon is important to you stand under it tonight, its one of the few things not yet claimed. Make a wish or better yet make a decision. I can’t guarantee it will be your own decision, probably not. But if you’ve always enjoyed living here take leave and head to the Netherlands. Leave from your home sort of speak, I’m not the one you want dear, I’ll only bring you pain. Okay I stole these lines but it’s a simple sin compared to my other ones. The Netherlands was the trade made for American and the previous landlord of America is now the proud owner of a new queen.  This is my small repayment to you for the fucking I just gave to you.  Please take it, considerate it our first transaction with no money changing hands.  Just go before the cold wind begins to blow.

Now you probably can understand why I said if you threw shit on me passing on the street I wouldn’t blame you.  However I did make a quarter billion on the deal and purchased some prime real estate in the new America’s. If you do move to the Netherlands please don’t throw shit on me over there.  I gave them these new shiny keys and for some reason they just love me to death.  It’s nothing personal; it’s just a coloring book transaction.  You will eventually die and so will I but the family goes on. I’ve come to understand that we can’t all be kings; most of us must be pawns in order for the game of chess to exist.  I guess what I’m really trying to say to you is we all must make the most out of playing this game called life. 


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Just a story? I think not. Everything is for sale. This piece leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it is only apparent that the government, war and countries are all a fucking joke, and the average joe is the punchline...

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And the average Joe is the Joke. We're asleep at the wheel. I can't believe how much effort is put into selecting and operating an I Phone. Yet the same people can't be put out to actually change the world with so little effort. Oh well! Thanks...

And the average Joe is the Joke. We're asleep at the wheel. I can't believe how much effort is put into selecting and operating an I Phone. Yet the same people can't be put out to actually change the world with so little effort. Oh well! Thanks again for your comments. Right on target as always wicked.

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