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"BG" By God

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Shhh, quietly sneak your peak at these words, layered in darken shadows this crime, or more appropriately a criminal act of epic terror is about to take your place. Quiet you’re self with breathlessness for even in reading these words, whispering sounds can be found near the fear, sneaking up behind you with the horrific homicidal sounds of fingernails on chalkboards, while cauterizing the leftover dim light of your dead and dying eyes. Here comes the shush in the dryness of your bad breath mouths, Shhh.

I’m sure of these factual events for they took place an entire level and lifetime below the devils domain and above a god full of pain. But I swear to you I saw the demon himself flinch, and God turn away as he witnessed these rupturing deeds scented with the ends of ending in the exalted existence lost by all above and below the devils own demented realm, and I swear I heard the devil cry out “Dear God” as the sphere of this total meaning became clear, then God cried out in fear.

Shhh, if you promise to protect your own soul at all times and not waver from this story even for a split second; I will whisper into your ear something much, much darker than black, and scarier than a heart under a sharpened knife attack., but beware, if you decide to read these words you will never return to where you began, you can never again trust your eyes to close, so swallow your fear down your own throat, you will never again, never open your brain waves to the terror inside these words, and instead of being a reader you will be a victim. Beware! Read this at your own discretion, for some of the side effects of this story include but are not limited to: nausea, blood vessel bursting, snot slinging from terrorized jolting, vomiting in your own mouth, and loss of peter stimulation and the reeking of a vacuous vagina sagging, and of course dying caused by death.

It all began with an old archaic artifact I had found under the South American fauna floor with a stone note and a couple of letters on it of some unknown writing origin. At first I thought it might be a treasure map but oh how incredibly wrong this idea turned out to be. I tried several museums to find out what kind of calligraphy it contained, but no one was able to decipher it. At each stop I was told they had no idea what the symbols were and that in fact, they each believed it must be some type of forgery or fake. They had each noticed the symbol “BG” but had no references to what it could have meant I was about to give up and discard it but something inside told me to give it one last exerted try. I took it to a forensic lab in Los Angeles to have the symbols tested and requested carbon dating of the artifact and the note. This took longer than I was told and a friend finally clued me into the fact that my artifact had entrenched fear among the religious community and had been the only thing on the news for days. So without haste I made my way to the lab and found a hundred people in a large auditorium setting around screaming and yelling at each. They were all fighting over the results of my artifact. I asked the director whom I had given the artifact to what was going on. The instruments utilized in the carbon dating process trying was working he said, but the results it seems was not only impossible but had freaked out the best scientist on the planet. He continued, we ran the carbon dating over and over and it kept revealing the same fact, the same date, that the artifact and its words were over nine hundred and fifty five trillion years old, which of course the world and the infinite universe were not even that old.

The theory of some of the scientist was that the symbols and the coloring on the artifact must have been tampered with somehow, because the dating was absolutely wrong and must have made it impossible to correctly identify the age dating. On the other side of the aisle from facts was the religious leader that had been requested by the pope himself to come here and deliver a secret message on this matter. However strangely enough the expert cardinal in charge of delivering this secret message almost appeared remorseful and sad, and even more confusing is he seemed the least surprised of everyone. It was as if he knew something no one else did. After the red ink on the artifact was identified as blood of some unknown origin, a DNA Test was performed and the results were found not to be of any DNA of earth and in fact did not resemble DNA as we know it. Instead of the twisting turning type DNA of all things known to man, this was circles and had only one element. To make things stranger the Pope himself had allowed the bishop to now confirm something that no one on earth ever thought they would hear the pope or any other religious man on this planet say. The “BG” certainly stood for “BEFORE GOD”. Apparently in the library of secrets in a vault at the Vatican, this map of words on this artifact was know to exist and would one day be found by “Now get this” the originator of the parchment was in fact the one who would discover it and was the creator of Gods, universes and it turns out billions of places we call space. That’s right I said it. This meant I created all things and much, much more. The story from the Vatican library simply put is that the originator was created by an anomaly during the first collision of time and space episode, and became the fabric of both. Needing to supervise existence in all places simultaneously created overseers for various regions of existence and called them God. To understand this fully I’ll use an analogy, A corporation of developers buys ungodly amounts of land, then builds lots of large building and subsequently leases them to large real estate corporations who in turn leases them out to companies. This entity was the land corporation, gods were the realtor corporations and yes we were the businesses that rented the space, literally. He named his landlords, or in this case spacelords, Lord my god. Well shit howdy this would make me the maker of gods because I uncovered it and that’s what the pope said. Surely he wouldn’t make this shit up right. How the hell could this be possible, wouldn’t I know something about all of this. Really I mean if I made gods? And the pope was popping off on all the major media channels about this stuff and air waves everywhere, shouldn’t I of all people on the planet know this crap was true.

WTF I said; are you guy’s nuts? That would mean I’m older than dirt! I explained to the director that I was only 27 years old, not nine hundred and fifty five trillion years old, smell my breath surely someone that old would be crispy and stale and dead! The archbishop saw us talking and came over to introduce himself. He informed me I should listen to the broadcast. He had them turn up the volume on the tube and the pope began his speech. The artifact in question was created by the oldest thing in any universe which there are trillions of universes. The artifact we have known of and always hoped no one would ever discover it because once he who made it traces his finger on the initial “BG”, all universes everywhere including ours will be transformed from a violent catastrophic place into quiet and sleepy black field of serenities with only blackness. He continued our place in religion was formed to keep human populations everywhere from acting out in their natural state, we are all killers and needed fear and deception to make societies behave. Today our job in this arena is finished. I would ask you to understand that what is about to happen is destiny. May there be mercy upon all our lives. When the finger is traced in the letter, it will be indeed the end of ends. Voids will be created without light, without gods, without life, just silent serenity.


Now this was getting to creepy for me so I thought I’d better do something right away before this shit gets get out of hand. I spoke up and said to everyone present, Listen up folks! I’m going to prove that this entity of endings is “NOT me” and is definitely not real. I’ll prove it to you all; this is nothing more than an old folk lore. This has all been one big mistake and I’ll show you. I walked to the artifact and as if though the pope knew I would do just that, he began making the sign of the cross and it seemed as if his eyes were following me even though I know that’s impossible they followed me across the room to the big letters “BG”. He seemed to be staring at me through the TV set and as I put my finger in the letters and traced them suddenly I, I, I………. Shhh quietly……








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