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Mine Shafts

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            The rock quarry near the mine shaft could feel the sliding down of our knees and morals, exploring the grains in the vein that soon will stain us properly in playful games and fantasies. In a total disregard for the suns heat and sweat, we move to a disapproving song that fattens our blue bruised sliding down feet, as we turn the clean upside down sky into dirty mine trails. We wonder if a release agent on the deeply grain form holding desires at bay are stack against us or will help to release us from the gold mines we desire.

 Or will this type of corruption of the mine sink our fantasies forevermore. I am a dirt trail mountain man and she is a sliding down woman. Climbing upside down on her sky we run to her waiting bottomless pits, both secretly seeking the edges that society has cut away.  These pits and mine are within the weakness of our moral explorations, scuffing our knees and deeds that soon will turndown the sun, diming the light of our glaring remorse. I rise up above her twin moons and upon her beaded background skin and find that wondering has traveled around the world of this pretty girl, stopping here in hopes of mining a new shaft with no one luckier than me for it. The scent assures me that I have discovered the strand of human wire that electrifies her heated waiting desires. Will I be a rock hard bolder man who rocks the house of hardening thoughts?  Not much longer did I need wonder, for just then without much warning a boring machine crams into the sediments of her unnatural soft clay desires, moving aside ambitious rock strongholds creating a well head of carnal land slide of screams. Yes I tell her, I hear it, the sun is groaning, splitting and straining to share time between us on mounds on her precious moons.  Now I understand what beautifies those well crafted crystals found slung down low as rocks beneath my ram, and oh those gems that are her eyes, are either sweating or shinning but surely fever bursting jeweled stars. Her gaze searches for relief from the ramming painful heat. Dust is blowing up against the well anchored knees of the earth, while bowing down to the event of this new mining operation. We both feel the earth shaking with perfect timing as each load of dynamite is exploded, the earthquakes shake her down into the waiting dirty ground and I follow hollering against this hot noon day.  Safire’s I scream out, my eureka echoes off her moon, howling a few exalting words to the Gods as we drop upon uncontrollable sweltering boulders of skin, and I in this hollowed out cavern of new and exciting memories hear her echo’s bounce off the ground and strait into my skin. The joy of finding the true mother load, as we realizes this is not mica but pure gold, a rich vein found, still we must keep drilling if we are to be richer for the diggings. The quarry below is a hard climb, but we mount the dank mine canal and press hard down the new path. Buried deep within the rocky banks and pit bottom where we had left hollering an unexpected surprise, we quickly pick ourselves up out of this pit and dip into an untouched dark vein forbidden just below the main shaft.  The grit of smiles greets each of us from the gradient textures which indicate a successful digging adventure has begun.  She revolts into a quick jerk forward then changes her mind and direction against the erection of timber. Our hearts quicken to the thoughts that I must now hold her head down and force the remaining task upon this virgin mine. I pull back her hair and hold it firm as we lock our needs and knees down into the soil once again giving the rocky terrene with this hidden treasure a pounding, the floor bottom of desire finally cracks and as we move the pieces of black hills gold aside we feel the scarring of the brand new open mine against the walls and floor bottom. She relaxes then hollers out eureka for this last dig. When the dank dust settles, we find are sweltering sizzles of expectations has turned down the sun and rest against our swollen souls. Completing such a reverent dig we discuss with each other our excitements on the find, and lean way back down against the upside down sky we had just climbed. Immediately we decide no more conversation should exist on this exploration, we are both too exited about the find and even more exhausted. Further conversation might lead to yet another trip down the carnal mine shaft. We both agree maybe a resting of our glimmering eyes from panning so much gold in one day was rich enough for the both of us. We leave our gushing in a blush against the hard rocky bones of stony thoughts. The mining bug seems to have buried itself in her and myself.  I feel another spelunking exploration would be beneficial for not only the complexity of her mood under that beautiful full moon of hers.  Yet another trip to the dark side of that moon would probably sinc the gravity of my morals to my soul, and I find myself feeling like a hot dog relishing the thought. But for now we need to turn down the knob and the heat of the hot lanterns and let cool the dank air that has invaded our fantasy. Sweet sleep and dreams of mining has captured both our imagination and hearts.  The sun will once again rise tomorrow shinning and against the rocks and shaft and into the hard thoughts against her buried deep secrets digging the gold mines again. I cannot wait to once again take a chance of climbing down the upside down skies, melting with the deeds of another immoral mining operation. Tell me darling, will you’ll be mine?

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