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Just when you thought you had it all figured out...

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It's easy to get lost. A mind looses direction as it winds in and out of the dusty path of life.

A destination once thought definite becomes a slime of expectations dripping through a thin grate in time.

Living on the edge of sanity creates a line so fine it is unknowingly crossed and the mind is found sitting in a dusty store room; head in hands; cabinets strewn about; boxes thrown to the floor; files upon files in piles scattered amidst the unsettled dust. Shaky hands grasp the dumped documents but cannot seem to remember where they once belonged or in which order to place them. Panic fueled by desperation and frustration clear the wreckage, making space for new cabinets, new days, and new beliefs. Yes, the emptiness will subside and they will be filled again.. but only to patiently await the fateful day when they too will be turned upside down and cleared away.

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