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'Unwanted' Ramblings (Forever the sinner in a world of (s)aints).

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'Unwanted' Ramblings (Forever the sinner in a world of (s)aints).

I remember asking this question before and now I am asking it again
For I am just as confused now as I was back then.
Little has change and those feelings still remain
And when I look to the sky I only wish for rain.
So why am I still alive?

I remember a time, when she stood by my side,
When I could wear a smile, and let it shine.
But now her luck is gone, she has left me alone,
And I wonder if I have walked this road for too long.
There were chances, but they've passed me by,
Cos at the time, I looked but didn't recognize,
I spent my time, looking on the other side,
But the grass is not greener, it's just brighter on the eye.
It just sways in a different way.

Rejected as a child, I struck out alone,
I made mistakes, confusing right with wrong,
Rejected as a man, by those who didn't understand,
I took the breaks, but let my feelings get out of hand,
I played the game, with strangers pretending to be friends,
But confused by the rules, I missed the starts and was stranded by the ends,
And when I asked for forgiveness, I was dismissed as they turned away,
Crucified by my sins, I was always the one held to blame,
Forever the sinner in a world of (s)aints.

Today I cried, when I was alone, yet at the time I didn't know why.
Those tears they came, and then they flowed, leaving a stain as they dried,
I stood by the window, and looked outside, but there was no one there,
Cos behind these walls, is where I hide, with the only one that cares,
She sings to me, she sings only for me, she soaks up my fears,
She holds me, she holds with her melody, she soaks up my tears,
She waits for me, she is always there for me, and she is here again,
But she is not real, she is only a whisper, on which I have come to depend,
She is only a song, but she is the cry of my heart.

So whilst some of us are born to live life,
Some of us are just born to die.

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