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Best friend

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She is so elegant in the way she moves almost fluid.

I dont see how any man could leave her for another woman

She was goofy sometimes yea but she holds a charm

She is a candle flame in the folds of the night


God she is so beautiful

Even now while she sleeps in my bed with dried tears.


While she is quielty sleeping beside me,

I'm reclaimed by memories of when we were younger,

Sleep overs, consumed by large amounts of alcohol,

and that joint she snuck out of her mom's night stand.

I remember her undressing in front of me,

cause we all have the same things right, us girls?

My breath caught in my throat at the sight of her

standing infront of the window, streetlights playing off

the curves of her aphrodite body while she did her best drunken strip tease

and flung her clothes at me, all the while twirling her underwear around her head

and the places in me began to thaw, my head noted the affects of alcohol,

As I too removed clothes and flung them back at her, radio blaring songs we'd never heard

And we danced nude in the night of my bedroom,

My hands drew lines along her back, and I dipped her down like in the movies -

I realized then my own intentions, Looking at her then as she smiled at me,

stumbling, almost dropping her, I made remarks about the hour,

The night heaved hot breathe at a sticky 90 degrees,

As I threw out blankets for the opposite bed, and hurried into mine,

Too hot for bed clothes; she claimed as she curled in next to me,

The feel of her body touching mine, I tried not to move, or talk or breathe,

or seem like anything other than a rock, but she melted me,

as the heat threatned to boil over inside-

I wanted to touch her, rub her, Feel her skin on mine, I wanted to run my tongue

down the length of her, Down the length of my best friend.


I'm brought back to reality

As she speaks in the dark,

Remember that time you wanted me?

Heat rising hot to my face, She knew about that?

I speak a soft yes, and she emits a giggly laugh

And I think to myself

Am I that obvious?

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Hahahahaha this made me laugh I was like ya the one lesbian encounter... I get it... okay... uh-huh... uh-huh... then the end! How purple my face must have got! Haha! Love it!

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