Hollywood Babble

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Hollywood is my home.

It is on speed during the day and deadly comatose by night (weekends not applied).

Bursting with life you see it all.

You see the crackheads the punks the homeless the hippies the bums and the drunk.

The Persian snobs the Asian tourists the fugacious waiters waiting for their big break

The hipsters, the kids, the old-timers, the cinephiles, the hustlers, the workaholics,

the alcoholics, the teens, La Raza, the deadbeats, the beatniks, the freaks, the satanists,

the aspiring actors, the deluded, and disillusioned.

Then there's the euro-trash, the average joes, the wanderers, the hobos,

the couples, the divorced, the lovers, the fighters, the vacant, the scorned,

the discontented, the depraved, the metros, the lesbos, the queers, the trannies,

the asexual, the straight, the jack of all trades, the players, and the played.

But don't forget the sidewalk performers, the hungry, the miserable, the happy, the clean,

the dirty, and the in-between.

Lastly, there's the foreigners, the foreign, the dazed, the confused, the friend groups, the wasted, the used, the lost and the found...all here to choose.

Right at home.

This is where I belong.

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