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Here I am again standing inside myself shoulder to shoulder with three godlikes

                                                .           .           .

I know looking inside one’s self can be dangerous hell it can stir up dust thick enough as to prevent uncovering those infinite clouds of truth. If allowed to ponder real truths, or wonder into nonversations of freedom of even typical thoughts, black and white etchings of the beast within me would be stamped vigorously on top of all earthly souls. Simply exhaling their ancient capabilities in mortal terms would upset the spin of the earth itself. If allowed to rip an opening in my sunshine skinsuit that imprison myself and the triplets, darkness itself would re-learn the true color of black and run deeply into night, screaming into nearby woods, panging howls of dwelling terror.

Luckily for your world the evil and good inside me must share space amidst my own uncontrollable turmoil. One of my tenants is that of love, and one from a higher world, while the third is not.  Because of them I sometimes wish I was back on my home planet of Light field, back there practicing omphaloskepsis with my friends, back where I was the only sanction governing law on the planet, and treated with such sovereign respect that comes with this elite honor. But look at me now here on this shit hole of a planet called earth, a name that stuck from the ancient ones, who names such a beautiful heavenly body, earth? Just listen to the pronunciation, really that is the best you “earth likes can come up with, really, anyway I was sent here because of my dedication and love for my home planet. And yes of course I know it made sense for the council to choose me as the carrier for Shemonna, Jonny Wings and Splicer Man. Sometimes I feel I have a bad case of trichotillomania for accepting this decision of the council.  No one in this dimension or any other dimensions would have ever been expected to volunteer their remaining time for this life long task. So I was appointed to this position and promoted from law man to light protector and must now carry this saintly maker of our home world, Jonny Wings inside of me, along with the worst monster ever conceived in any universe anywhere.

Splicer man, death rotted for eternity then sprayed into an acidic atmosphere full of spatula flipped raw maggots and slime, and that’s just the smell of his bad breath, the musty smelling cellars of this virulent monster, is enshrined in disdain depravity and much too ugly of a monster to define in any kind of lucid terminology. But then on the other side of the spectrum of light shines Shemonna the pulchritudinous. Sweet Shemonna, love matured to it most potential form, dressed in the garbs of utopian cloth, hair plucked from delicate strands of angel feathers, and scented with compassionate understanding of all things conspiring with love. Shemonna and Jonny Wings, the only reason I have left for going on and of course to keep splicer man contained.

Earth was chosen from all life forming planets because of its remote placement in a relatively unknown set of universes in quadrant 9991, and because of the primal killing instinct still extremely present in the life forms all over the surface of this planet. I can easily disguise the horror festering inside of my unmoored vessel as it splashes around in common areas of this heathen society. I sometimes feel such an anchoring by these god likes inside of me, which is caused by the entity molding that I was subjected to on Light field.  

The “molding of entities” is a strange thing, and once it’s done it’s done, no undoing it, no unfolding it, no way of reversing the process. The hosts not only is able to control “somewhat” the triplets molded to him or her, but can also assume the powers of each or all of them together, or decide on how to expend them. This is why I was chosen, my xenotransplantation make up with godlikes, and my truth in understanding like Jonny Wings who harnesses truth and understanding, and again my love for Shemonna, all things conspiring with love, and needless to say my love of my home planet. My love for my home planet may be considered consanguineous because of the impaling fervor it raises in me. This combination, two parts good, one part evil and one part neutral is essential to prevent the evil from overcoming the host and suit, allowing this monster to returning to freedom, where he would joyously destroy all the stars in every universe and trillions of light acres of star harvesting (main purpose of Light field) just to even the score for his imprisonment. If he had his way everything would die except for that, which he would love to torture for eternity, and yes of course, especially me and the good twins. 

Here on this feverish water blue violent planet where human seeds of love are dying daily, my disguise can be maintained with minuet effort. Funny though, how you earthlings believe in a God and in a Devil and feel they are all encompassing. Humans having little knowledge that these thought of yours are real, except what you’re really feeling is a kind of exuding of power from the godlike triplets molded inside of me, and their essence that must continuously discharge radiant waves of love, understanding, and hate respectfully.  These feelings radiate into any nearby area or space located in their general vicinity and is caused from the powerful enormity of their presents. 

These souls inside of me are never ending in time, ever; they have no beginning or ending, only a transfer of their power from one form of molecule structure to another from before a beginning and after all ending, and the inevitable growth potential of forming and expanding thereof. Earthlings just do not posses the magnetic insight, aura absorption, or intuit stellar capacity of understanding the present of the powerful impulse implosions of our universes that have collided and are reconstructed by arc transference of sentient life forms no larger than themselves. How could humans possibly know or understand such a thing, there’s nothing within 89,000,000,000 light years that equal or quantify a similar type of power expulsion.  If I were to explain it to you the metal age people of earth now, I would tell them to imagine one million large universes colliding at the same instance, in exactly the same location. Drag all that expelled energy into a shell the size of a human being and you will have just felt the power of one of the three triplets located inside my sunshine skinsuit. The sunshine skinsuit is self explanatory, made from a self duplicating sun with extremely small and dense molecules with highly repulsive reflective internal molecules, and could easily be destroyed if Splicer Man were outside the suit, but his power is useless inside the suit as it reflects the pulsing power back inside which is quite painful for all of us inside the suit. Thus time has trained us not to try.

All this power must be contained for the safety of life everywhere including this distant galaxy, as these godlike creatures within me can change universes while earthlings are blinking an eyelid.  They can instantly change suns from yellow to green, red, or into sticky goo, the outcome of an action is also obvious. When were present and located in a world like earth, the occupants of this planet get the benefits of the discharging radiance from my molding, thus inheriting religious convictions and spiritual enlightenment, and beliefs of grandeur in a godly form. Regretfully there is no god or devil located inside me, godlikes yes, but no it’s only good and evil in containment, and so as war rages inside of me between good and evil, it means it’s raging outside of me causing wars and inviting the natural side effect of struggle. It is also what causes charitable acts and kindness, and then Jonny Wings gives exceptional truth and understanding to the residents of the planet as he is near, thus the exceptionally quick acceleration of scientific understanding for a metal age species. I guess you might say that you take the good with the bad and as a result am also able to understand the three occurring simultaneously. The light, the dark with mixed in smart. Or if you will morality verses immorality which is a natural contradiction until adding in understanding, then the waters get quite murky. Opposites always concur, always.  When I walk down the street I am constantly creating small tremors on your human Richter scale but thanks to the suit there are no major consequences. It’s the magnetic flux being forced to ground from under my movement, so I try my best to travel very little outside of California, but occasionally I like to take trips to Japan and Europe.

 The scientist on this planet are just so full of shit, but with no higher understanding than nano quantum physics in this quaint little village planet, there’s no one to argue the points they make, tectonics, of course there’s tectonics and movement, your living on a living planet, you don’t need a scientist to tell you (Shhh) listen there’s something moving. How come you don’t call them practicing scientist? Like doctors.  

Since my arrival here on this planet there has been eight different cycles of one type of sentient life form or another, and your scientist are still in the excavation mode of present day man. Of course the previous “mankind” called themselves “Reeshow the everlasting” The Reeshow believed they died for two hundred centuries and began a phase similar to cocooning, and then returned in a very similar formed body but with an enhanced soul compared to that of their previous one, thus the name ree-shows. Naturally I am giving a loose interpretation as their linguistics were completely different, and were based mainly on spiritual telepathic pulses and a mixture of emotional sound waves.

Unlike this collection of humanity now who use verbal and physical movements to communicate, they were a race that Jonny Wings and Shemonna all things conspiring with love had considered saving from extinction, they played with the idea of sending them to my home planet to an area called the shelter of reason, but in order for them to do this they would have had to get a unanimous agreement among the three god likes and myself, which meant they would have to get Splicer Man to agree. Well, needless to say he’s not much into the life saving business; death is more his forte.  However they did get my vote as the Reeshows were deserving of this saving and will always be held in the highest regards by Shemonna, Jonny Wings and me. By the way, just so you know the Reeshows were right about everything, everything except they returned into your metal age human souls. Tragic results as far as I’m concerned.  

The humor in this scenario is that they were the first to look like the humans of today except that the concepts of lying, killing, hatred, and general dishonesty never once found a foothold with them. They were everything this present day lot wishes to be but could not perfect, and still nature found a way to sentence them to an evolutionary death, while you metal age humans are not far off the pace of the monkey, Some of you I understand still do “nasty un-natural acts” during your mating rituals. I wish someone could explain to me how an almost angelic race, full of loving, totally devout, in harmony with all other living things, while highly respecting the crystal clean planet they were born into, is sentenced to extinction while the metal sewer gang is reborn and allowed to thrive. Is their a God?  I think the answer is apparent, don’t you? Nature allows this wreck of a species to crap all over the planet, wreak havoc, and kill everything that comes in contact with them, and is allowed to survive go figure.

Anyway, one of our customs on Light field “demands” that if we are utilizing a planet for hosting that we must grant miracles for the inhabitants around that planet, that is why you miraculously invent medicines that can cure dieses that would normally wipe out this human species, we have also not allowed superior external life forms to come and steal this planet away from you, believe me when I tell they’re trying constantly, and I try my best to allow Shemonna goddess of love and all things conspiring in love, and Jonny Wings truth and understanding, to exert a little more power out of the suit than Slicer Man, otherwise your race would have destroyed themselves, but Jonny Wings and Shemonna goddess of love and all things conspiring with love, have for some reason beyond my comprehension, believe that one day you will learn to transform back into a form of your predecessors again, the Reeshows. Splicer man on the other hand wants me to let him lose for just a second or two so he can let you see his face, thus ending your existence. Maybe you do deserve a couple of seconds of alone time with him, we’ll have to wait and see which of the triplets were right.  For your sake, God or no God, you might want to pray you become better human beings that you are now.  Here are a few words of wisdom for you as we take our leave. Hate and criticism can easily be devoured by simple kindness.” The Reshows -200,000 A.D.”  Your heart and soul is your temple and church, learn to spend more time within it, you may even find this pleasant “The Dali Lama” The odds of your species listening to any of this is a trillion to one, which will lead to the loss of all things conspiring in love, radiant understanding, and a late night date with Slicer Man.” Yours truly, the Sunshine shield man, 2010 A.D.”

Until part II, try your best to be a good species…or else, “Splicer Man”                


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