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The Old Girl

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She’s a caddy built in 1959 and she’s fine and all mine.

She sparkles with them there two big bullet front bumpers and she got herself one fine pink paint job that looks like tightly drawn skin over that there beautiful body and when I take her top down, oee-iee she’s a looker not a hooker. When I first got her she was one little hot momma, I’d turn her on; she’d start right up and purr, we’d take rides under the moon light and the guys along the boulevard would make them wolf whistles sounds.  Her ass end had those big old tail fins that had to be a sin, everywhere time I walk past them I’d always have to give em’ a little pat. We’d hit the road and I’d take it a little slow at first but once she got warmed up, I could hardly hold her ass end on the ground. I’d jump on her throttle and she’d just flat scream. The rubber would be burning and she’d be yearning for more, I swear I could almost here her say give me more daddy, give me more. She had those tight black leather seats that reminded me of those new fan dangled hot pants, and ya! I saw other men check my big old caddy out, but it didn’t bother me none, after all I had her pink slip hidden in the trunk just in case something popped up.

            But time has not been so kind to this well driven old girl.  Now days I try to turn her on, but it takes quite a bit longer to get her started, if she starts at all.  It seems she’s become a lot more high maintenance and a few of her parts just seem to be wearing out.  Just the other day I was polishing those big old tail fins and right after finishing I went to try and start her up and she had this great big old backfire, I swear that old muffler must have somethin’ dead in it to cause it to stink.  I think it just might just be her coil or somethin’ though, cause it’s pretty darn hard to even get a spark out of the old girl now days. The tight fitted leather ain’t so smooth no more either; the rear leather is beginning to get some wrinkles on it from years of wear and the sun I reckon. The rear end is starting to make more and more noise too, but she won’t let me get the plug out to grease her up.  It’s almost like she don’t want to be tinkered with.  Still when she gets all spruced up, she gets her fair share of looks and I think she still loves it, granted their older men now who gives her looks, and because they ain’t got no teeth, they ain’t been no whistling. The good news is however I’ve been offered a pretty good trade in for a little younger model, cause she’s considered an antique and all, or somethin’ like that, and I think I might have been made this here offer because I got me some money saved up and all too, but the old girls has grown on me like a bug in my butt, it gives me a little tickle now and then and it don’t eat that much, so I guess I’m gonna keep her till death do us part. “Now if she goes first though, I reckon I might look into that younger model.” After all I’m a caddy man.        




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Loved it. Great piece

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