Nocturnal (Part 3)(Mature Subject Matter)

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The clatter of the plates was calming. The clinking noise of the glasses made her feel safe. Reassured. She looked down at the dissolving suds and smiled. Her fingers were beginning to prune. Just a few more and she would be done ... although she was not rushing. This was her only refuge for tonight.

She heard the kids in the bathroom fighting over the sink. Obviously the one who got to spit out their toothpaste first was the most important. Oh, and it looks like her son had won tonight. There was the droning hum of the news on the television in the living room. Her husband was probably passed out asleep in his recliner by now.

She turned on the water to rinse the sink. She thought of last night with the Middle Eastern boy. It made her shiver as she still felt his lips on her body. He had been so passionate and amazing that she thought they might catch fire. She still was burning as she watched the grey water drain and the sink empty. Empty. He was turning out to be an incredible find and necessary with the stressful week she had.

She had to let the Indian guy go ... the little fool had the nerve to ask if they could do a swinger site together! Then over lunch her co-worker tells her their little 'fun times' were causing feelings to form. She thought she was in love with her. Seriously, needed to grow up. Now things were going to be a little awkward in the office. Yes, it was time to simplify.

Now there was her beautiful Arab, and yeah, the other guy. He was a very sweet and frustrated married man with piercing blue eyes. He was a great listener and really wanted to see her not just in the bedroom. Both were not expecting anything serious but knew that it was to fill their needs for now. Plus, he was talented with his mouth. Very talented.

She was still staring at the sink. She was getting really bad about losing time. Just had to focus a little longer. Then she could find comfort in the numbness. There was a shriek from her children as they spied a beetle on the floor. She swooped in and killed it. Then she got all her little ones in their beds. Stories, kisses, and goodnights. She was closing the door...

"I loooove joooo, Mommy," her youngest one chirped.

"I love you too baby," she answered and headed into the darken living room. Her husband was now in full on snore. She picked the remote up from the floor where he had dropped it. She planted herself on the couch and prepared herself for the evening. She ran her wrinkled fingers through her hair, twirling the tips. It was a cold.  She changed the channel. Some show about some woman looking for something and arguing with her sister.

She stared at the screen and started to lose the night. The lonely night.

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